Wireless Networking

Industrial Wireless Networking

Custom Automation is experienced at installing industrial grade wireless systems for your remote PAC/PLC site monitoring and control. As part of a turn-key system, we can see to it that your remote sites reliably communicate with your central supervisory control system.

It takes a seasoned system designer to extract responsive control and status behavior when dealing with wireless sites. We have been doing this for decades, using sophisticated report by exception techniques that unclog precious bandwidth. Count on us to get the best performance from your system.

FCC rules and frequency allocations are ever-changing. Let Custom Automation handle the details of building a complete Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) system including seamless integration of radio telemetry to remote sites.

Custom Automation is also experienced at designing and installing industrial grade wireless wide area networks (WANs). Get your remote plant process data back to the main office in real-time, or run one supervisory control system for multiple plant locations. It's up to you. We can survey your remote locations and securely connect them up at network speeds.