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Industrial Control (SCADA) Systems

Custom Automation brings aerospace precision to industrial control systems.

Custom Automation has the expertise and extensive experience needed to assess your system requirements and deliver a well engineered, maintainable and extensible, turnkey industrial control solution.

Grounded in aerospace engineering, Custom Automation adheres to strict disciplines of clearly written requirements, design reviews, testing, training, and documentation. Professional service since 1983.

Hardware Expertise

Custom Automation has extensive experience in SCADA systems, and specific experience with numerous commercial Controllers, RTU's, PLC's, PAC's, radios, electric actuators, variable speed drives, and a multitude of instrumentation devices. This includes hardware specification and procurement, panel building, and system integration and testing. We can also design and build your industrial network infrastructure using industrial-hardened wired/fiber/wireless network components.

Software Expertise

SCADA HMI design and configuration, PLC programming in all IEC 61131-3 standardized languages, reverse engineering of orphaned or proprietary systems, Java, C++, and Python programming, and SQL database integration are some of the skills we draw from to give you a complete, open, maintainable system.

System Integration Expertise

Our extensive 39 years of experience helps us avoid amateurish mistakes and oversights. Our meticulous process offers client's peace of mind.

Custom Automation relieves clients from the stresses of project implementation by taking full responsibility for the complete system, including hardware specifications, electro-mechanical and software installation, integration and testing, and documentation and training.