Oil Transfer System

Oil Transfer System™


Does your tank farm have the too frequent "whoopsie" moment, when product doesn't go exactly where you want because valves may be in the wrong position, maybe a green or fatigued operator overlooked something, or someone flat out just made a mistake?

Mistakes can be costly, and sometimes lead to injury. One incident is too many!

The Oil Transfer System™ Never Gets Tired

One operator in a central control room oversees multiple concurrent pipeline, ship, and truck transactions for numerous petrochemical tanks using the sophisticated Oil Transfer System™ (OTS) available from Custom Automation. Tank levels, pump statuses, valve positions, and alarm conditions are reported graphically and audibly to the operator. Semi-automatic control operations are initiated through multi-monitor PC workstations, allowing concurrent operations to be fully monitored.

Truck on scaleThe operator transfers product from trucks, tank to tank, ship to tank, tank to ship, tank to pipeline, and pipeline to tank. Pumps are automatically sequenced on and off and valves opened and closed, all while simultaneously checking for safe operating conditions. When the desired quantity of product transferred is approaching, OTS automatically sequences the valves and pumps for a precise transfer shutdown, usually within ± 2 barrels of the desired quantity. Multiple concurrent automatic transfers are fully supported and routine.

With the Oil Transfer System assisting the operator, the potential for human error is greatly reduced. The programmable controllers (PLCs), valve actuators, pumps, tank gauging system, SCADA system, and the OTS are designed and programmed by Custom Automation to work in concert for a much safer, nearly effortless operator experience.

Automated Petrochemical Tanks

The Oil Transfer System automatically tracks inventory movement and posts daily activity data for management consumption.

Typically with the Oil Transfer System in place, manpower can be safely reduced providing impressive ROI.

"Imitated but never duplicated."

Operate Safer, Faster, Cheaper, and More Precisely

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