Power Distribution Panel

Energy & SCADA

Leveraging SCADA for Energy Conservation

Energy costs are increasingly making the difference between profitable and unprofitable plant operations. Do you know where and when your plant energy is being consumed?

Would you like to trim back energy bills, and reduce your peak demand surcharges? In some plants it may be possible to favor heavy equipment scheduling to operate in non-peak hours. Sequencing equipment to reduce peak demand may also be possible. Your utility company will typically work closely with us for a "win-win" strategy.

Calculating the costs versus benefits of enabling your SCADA system with energy awareness typically results in a very favorable return on investment (ROI).

Leveraging SCADA for Energy Monitoring

Advances in SCADA fieldbus technology have made it more affordable than ever to get a detailed look at energy consumption in your plant. Not only can you see where the power is going, but you can see when an unusual amount of power is being consumed by specific equipment, opening up the possibility to take measures before a catastrophic equipment failure occurs.