About Custom Automation, Inc.

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Custom Automation is unique in the SCADA community for two very important reasons: We come from an aerospace engineering background and we've enjoyed exceeding client's expectations since 1983. Why is that important? We can explain.

Grounded in aerospace engineering, Custom Automation was instilled with the strict disciplines of clearly written requirements, design reviews, testing, training, and documentation. Failure is not an option when writing software for Boeing 737 autopilots, and that same discipline to follow meticulous quality workmanship standards has been in our DNA since the beginning.

We strive to cultivate "client for life" relationships by always putting the client's needs first and continually earning their trust with our actions.

Over time, many of our clients have come to appreciate CA's commitment to honesty, integrity, and value. We are grateful to be asked back to support and upgrade systems we installed decades ago. Custom Automation has a solid track record of supporting our clients for the long-haul.

Please take a look around this site to get a more complete picture of our experience and abilities, and feel free to call us (see Contact) to "pick our brains".

Custom Automation serves the southwestern USA for SCADA projects, and worldwide for aerospace projects.