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Custom Automation is a Certified Gold Integrator for Inductive Automation's SCADA HMI system product called Ignition. Ignition is a relative newcomer to the scene compared to what Custom Automation calls the "Old Guard" - SCADA HMI's that have been evolving, and in some cases metastasizing, since MS-DOS and early Windows (remember the Blue Screen of Death?). Some of the typical attributes of the Old Guard SCADA software are: expensive seat and tag license models, expensive annual support contracts (do you feel like you're renting, not licensing, the system?), and everything is done in a closed proprietary way.HMI sample screens

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Ignition was designed from a clean slate, using existing open IT standards, breathing in the rich resources of modern WEB technology, SQL databases, Java, Linux, and other open source inventiveness. Ignition can fully integrate with existing processes and data sources by architectural design, not add-on utilities. Using a Server Licensing model, Ignition deftly mitigates onerous costs of ownership, allowing you the freedom to put Ignition clients wherever YOU want.

Ignition by Inductive AutomationPlease don't take us wrong. Custom Automation happily works with Old Guard SCADA systems where they are entrenched and have performed as intended for decades. We put in many of these systems decades ago when there weren't any viable alternatives, and still maintain many of them, patiently waiting for the inevitable day when the client recognizes their need to upgrade the system.

But if you are already at the point of considering a new SCADA application or want a true SCADA upgrade with no architectural hamstrings from the past for your existing SCADA system, it would be tragic if you didn't look at Inductive Automation products before making a purchasing decision. Let Custom Automation show you how Inductive Automation's SCADA products, combined with Custom Automation's 30 years of experience, can unshackle you from the SCADA limitations of the past, and save you money in the process!

Custom Automation specializes in solid system design, followed by meticulous implementation, testing, documentation and training. Call us at 480.993.3460 or Email us and see what we can do for you!